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    Why relationship coding is impractical

    Me 5 It seems to me many aspects of the tree node interface need to be looked at. - When selecting a tree node, it would be very useful to have at least an option for all the text coded by its children, as well as the parent, to be displayed--that surely is one of the fundamental purposes of having hierarchical data structures. For example, I often set up node trees for dates, with year/month/day. It would be great to be able to select a month, and have displayed all sources relating to it, including those coded for particular days, displayed. - as mentioned above, there seems to be no way to make custom ordering 'sticky'. - in the coding bar, it would be great to have an option of coding a tree node by entering \codename\childcodename etc straight into the codes name box. Currently I seem to have to delete the name of the last code before being able to select which tree I want the node to be in, and I then have to go back to the name field.
  2. bwoolley

    A wish for Word

    I really wish nVivo had... - full support for Microsoft Word documents including (critical, this, at least to me), hyperlinks, footnotes/endnotes and comments. - even better, a way of coding from within Word (with an nVivo toolbar, for example). - an easy way to import a node structure, and a more elegant interface for editing an existing one, perhaps based on some of the better mind-mapping software.