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  1. Related to the above: when doing 'search and replace' ([crtl] +h) you should be returned to the position in the document at which you started the 'search and replace' which is really annoying because you have to find your own way back to where you were, because NVIVO (again unlike other programs with a similar function) leaves at the place where the last replacement was made.
  2. I often use text search [crtl] + s to find my way around lengthy interview transcriptions, or to quickly check how a specific phrase was used elsewhere in the interview. But I'm often frustrated by the fact that NVIVO jumps to the transcription after finding the first occurence of the phrase. The transcription has the search phrase highlighted. This means that if I hit [ENTER], expecting to find the next occurence (which is the default in every other word processor or browser I've worked with) I delete the highlighted phrase! As noted in another thread on this forum, pressing [crtl]+z to undo
  3. I agree - this would make the NCapture feature much more useful. In relation to Suggestion 1, I sometimes need to capture all the subpages within a site and it would be great if Nvivo had this feature - I think that was what the user was getting at. In relation to Suggestion 2, I would certainly love it if all the pages were imported as one single PDF source.
  4. Agreeing totally with the above, I would like to add that it's also highly problematic that panel sizes within a window are reset when pressing undo (crtl + z). I do analysis of prosody in my transcription, and daily resize the transcription window and panels within it (so PLEASE follow the suggestion in this thread) and when I occasionally make mistakes and press 'undo' NVIVO not only 'undoes' my previous action, but also resizes panels to their default size. Can I add "AARGH" to emphasise my annoyance?
  5. I agree completely. "Save as" is a time honored principle of document handling which is in every other program for a very good reason: it's an intuitive an easy way to keep backups.
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