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  1. Hi all, I am a relatively new user of NVivo for Mac and recently used the software to transcribe the audio files of 25 in-depth qualitative interviews. Each row in the transcription represents a turn to a different speaker (the interview goes back and forth between me and the interviewee). I am now coding the interview transcripts, a process that as you know involves highlighting text and assigning a code/theme to the text. In many cases there are multiple turns in conversations that correspond to one particular code/theme (e.g. a five-minute back-and-forth conversation about motivational interviewing). However, I am only able to highlight one row of text at a time; NVivo is not allowing me to highlight across multiple consecutive rows. So for example if there are 10 rows in a conversation about motivational interviewing, I have to highlight and code each of the 10 rows separately, but I don't want this; for the purpose of analysis I need them to be grouped together. Has anyone else had the same issue? Might you have any advice? Thanks in advance for any pointers, Melissa
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    Coding Multiple Rows in Audio Transcript

    Thank you, Simon. I appreciate your passing this issue along for future consideration. All best, Melissa