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  1. Hi, one thing I realized when using NVivo for Twitter is that (Re-) Tweets are not capured completely but only 140 characters are exported. Normally, that would be fine since a tweet has only up to 140 characters, but NVivo counts the usernames aswell which leads to a loss of data. One example from the extracted data: RT @LHHNS: Don't miss out, register today for #BrainBiotechSummit http://t.co/m1lujUtD2q early registration ends 5/1 #InnovateCollaborateAc… (here are some characters missing) is there a way to prevent this loss of data? Best regards and thanks, maya
  2. Hi Andrew, thanks for the information and your help so far. "You can capture a User Stream as a dataset. For example, the @lenoxhill profile can be captured, i.e. click @lenoxhill and then click the Lenox Hill link in the Profile Summary dialogue box that appears." Can you tell me the location of where to click and where exactly the Profile Summary dialogue box appears? I downloaded the tweets from the profile already but the comments/answers are missing... Best, maya
  3. Hi Andrew, sure: I mean the user comments that appear when you click on a tweet (it is like a new page but still the same Twitter profile): https://twitter.com/lenoxhill/status/596671380264984576 (A screenshot was too big for uploading) Right now, the comments are not in the data I can extract from the Twitter page. Thanks! maya
  4. Hi there, I am analyzing a specific Twitter profile. For this I would also like to import the comments and answers Twitter users write on tweets from the Twitter profile into NVivo (in order to export it into Excel). Is this possible with NCapture and NVivo and if so how? Right now I need to click on every tweet to see if there have been comments on it. Your help would be great and highly appreciated! Best, maya
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