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  1. Hello, Last month I was in holidays and did not use my Nvivo for 1 month. Now when I tried to open my project file the following message pops up "Failed to open project This project did not close successfully the last time it was open. Please restart your computer and try opening it again. If this problem persists, please contact QSR Support." I use student semester Nvivo Version 10.2.1 (1377) for Mac. I contacted QSR several times and finally I received the following message: Due to the severity of corruption, unfortunately I advise you that after much effort our technical team was unable to recover your project. If you have a backup of your project file, I suggest you restore from this file. I used to save my data into the same document every time I closed. And I thought that was enough for back up as well. Now I have a back up file but when I try to open it, it looks transparent. Does this mean it is corrupted too? Now my Phd project data file is gone after 3 months of study! I am in big trouble. I am looking for further suggestions...