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  1. I met the same problem when I use advanced coding query. That is, when I searched contents coded at two nodes, the query returned with the entire source instead of the specific contents that were coded at both notes. I am wondering whether the problem is solved and how to solve it. Thank you.
  2. Yes. This is exacly why I asked the question. Watching the white windows for hours is really tiring.
  3. Hi, I am using Nvivo 8 and I have some transcripts of some audios and videos to code. I made the transcripts with Microsoft Office Word without specific formatting. I imported the transcripts into Nvivo 8 as internal "document" and have coded them. I am wondering whether I can change the property of these coded internal "documents" as "transcripts" and keep my previous coding so that I can do frequency count of turn taking of specific speakers and on specific codes. Thank you Merry Chrismas Wing
  4. I am wondering whether I can change background color of the displaying window for documents such as the internals, externals, etc. Thank you.
  5. I am using Nvivo 8. After I updated my computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10, it closes itself with the message "Database component did not respond in the expected time. Unable to start service". Is Nvivo 8 compatible with Windows 10? Is there any way that I can run Nvivo 8 on Windows 10? Thank you so much for your help.
  6. I am studying interaction patterns of teachers' discussions on teaching specific topic.There are 10 discussions. They are coded with different sub topics, i.e. A, B, C, D, E. The subtopics were discussed ramdonly hence in discussion 1, the flow may be A, B, C, D, A, D. And in discussion 2, it may be C, A, D, C, D. I would like to summarize the number of turn taking of discussion each time each subtopic is discussed. That is ,I would like to know how many turns were taken for A in discussion 1, for B in discussion 1, for C in discussion 1... and for C in discussion 2, etc. I am using Nvivo 8. I have imported all the discussion transcrips as 10 internal documents and coded the transcripts with the subtopics. I am wondering whether there is some way in Nvivo 8 to have a summary on the number of turn taking each time a subtopic is discussed. Thank you for your help.
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