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  1. Hello, I am using NVivo 11 Plus for Word. I am having a dilemma. I have one large Excel spreadsheet with 600+ respondents (includes demographics, survey responses, and text box responses). I tried working with this information as one document (coding, attempting to create matrices, etc) within the 1 spreadsheet. However, I have noticed severe limitations - I cannot break the groups apart easily, I cannot analyze groups within groups, and a host of other issues. My question - What is best, take each individual out of the 1 spreadsheet, and upload them into NVivo as INDIVIDUAL people (in essence, have 600+ INDIVIDUAL excel spreadsheets) OR, should I group individuals together in sets I intend to analyze together, i.e. former faculty - female; former faculty - male; current faculty - female; current faculty - male. Thanks for your responses!
  2. Hi, I recently downloaded NVivo 11. I am working with a large database, in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. For some of the participant responses, NVivo crashes as I attempt to code the data. Any suggestions how to fix this? I lose my work every time this happens, and now that I have converted my file to NVivo 11, I cannot go back and use NVivo 10. Incredibly frustrated, looking for help.
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