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  1. Thanks. I'll upgrade soon. (The end of the PhD is nigh and now is not a safe time to start changing software Steve
  2. If I run a query then press Print, I get an 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' error. If I go to print preview, then print from there, it works. This only happens when printing the results of a query. Printing anything else seems to work. Anyone any ideas? Thanks Steve
  3. steveg


    The fastest you can afford - and get XP not Vista. Seriously, I doubt that a dual CPU will make any difference unless NVivo is optimised for 2 CPUs (Anyone here tell us??). but any decent modern non-Celeron CPU + 2GB RAM should do you. Steve
  4. Thanks. I do use annotaions for some things, but it doesn't really work for me in these cases. My brainstorming, etc tends to be on paper! I've been searching the forums for ideas and I seem to be far from the only person looking for line or paragraph numbers so hopefully QSR will respond with a solution in the not too distant future... Steve
  5. Sorry for the delay in replying... Looking at any given node, I may have anything from 1 to 30+ passages coded at that node. I often want to write some notes to myself along the lines of 'I need to think about that quote and relate it to this one'. Or 'I must write a section comparing passage x, y, and z'. That's why I'd like a simple, unique reference number for each coded passage - there is no easy way to refer to any given passage. Steve
  6. steveg


    Just to add to the discussion, stuffing as much memory as you can in will make quite a difference. For example, when MS say that XP will 'run' in 128Mb of memory, they don't really mean 'run' - they mean 'walk very slowly'! When I went from 1Gb to 2Gb on my XP machine, NVivo (and various other things) went considerably faster. The underlying SQLServer bits of NVivo are known to be resource hungry. Yes, you need a resonable processor, but unless yours is pretty old and slow, memory makes more difference. As for Vista, I wouldn't even consider less than 2Gb. Steve
  7. Hi, I'm sure I'm missing something obvious here! If I look at a node, then the node detail screen shows me all the items coded at that node. Is it possible for them all to have a unique reference number? What I'm after is to be able to put a quote in my thesis and reference it back to the source (transcript) material. Seems an obvious thing to want to do so I must be missing something! Anyone any thoughts? Thanks Steve
  8. Excellent - thanks to both of you. Steve
  9. When one uses a text search, the search terms are highlighted in the search results with a light yellow background colour. Is it possible to change this colour? A darker colour would be easier to see when you are scrolling through a large document. Thanks Steve
  10. Assume I have a top level tree node called A. There is nothing coded at A, but it has 2 sub nodes called B and C which do have things coded at them. I create a query based on Node A. As long as I select 'Automatically select hierarchy', then Nodes B & C are selected and all is well. BUT... I now decide to add Node D as a subnode of Node A. As far as I can see, this new node will not be included in the query unless i rebuild the query completely. In other words, a saved query on a node uses only the contents of the node at the time it was saved. Re-running the query does not take account of anything that may have changed below that node. Is this correct? Thanks Steve
  11. Thanks Kristi - good workaround! Steve
  12. Is there any way to change default settings in forms? As an example, it would be convenient for me if coding query creation form defaulted to 'Any selected nodes' rather than 'All selected nodes'. Similarly, in the 'Select' option, I'd like 'automatically select hierarchy' to default to 'on'. Thanks Steve
  13. Hi, I often find that I create a query, run it and save it. Then I want to make a minor change, run it and save it again. The problem is that queries do not seem to have a "Save as.." i.e. Once I've saved a query I have to create an entirely new one to be able to save it with a different name. Many of my queries have quite a lot of criteria involved, but only one changes from query to query and it's a bit of a pain to have to rebuild from scratch every time! Have I missed something, or is there a work-round?? Thanks Steve
  14. Sorry - newbie question..... I have some of a source document coded at Node A. I realise I really want it at Node B. I know I can uncode and re-code, but is there a quicker way of moving some content from one node to another?? Thanks Steve