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  1. Struggling with best way to set up new project. My data consists of field notes and interview transcripts. A field note document, based on a day's work often including participant observation, typically contains data from multiple contributors (young people, staff members, and young people's parents), about multiple issues, including about the young people. I'm pretty sure that the young people who are central to my study (N=32) should be set up as case nodes. I can see how to interactively code data from field notes to case nodes and thematic nodes (info about people 1, 2, and 3, and ideas A, B and C), but how do I also indicate whether the information about that young person or that issue/idea comes from a young person, a member of staff, or a parent (people 1, 4 and 5)? I thought of using sets, but sets can only contain nodes or whole documents, and in my case there is no connection between field note documents and the people who contributed the data. Each interview is only about a single young person, so I can code each transcript document to a case node, but only one of 15 interviews has a single interviewee and some have 3 or 4, including the young person. Auto coding is not available in NVivo for Mac, so it seems only interactive coding can attribute text to the person who provided that information. But where to code this to, if the case nodes contain information about people rather than information provided by people?
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