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  1. Hi Bhupesh, I am so confused. When I purchased the NVivo, I was told that the license is valid up to two computer. So far, I am the only one who is using the software. Therefore, I thought that my advisor can install NVivo by using my license because I have the right to use the software up to two computer. I do not understand then why she needs to purchase a new software. In any case, I think she might have NVivo in her university purchased by her university but I am afraid that it is an older version. Therefore, I wanted her to have the same version so we can work on the same project
  2. Dear Bhupesh, Your answer is really helpful to me. I just have one last question. I think my advisor does not use NVivo Pro 11. However, as far as I know, I can use my current license up to two computers. Will it be possible if my advisor installs NVivo Pro 11 through using my license? I also wonder that my NVivo is for windows. Will my advisor be able to install NVivo by using my license to her MAC computer? Or shall she find a PC to do that? I look forward to hearing from you! Kind Regards, Fatih
  3. Hi, I am currently working on my dissertation research. I am using NVivo 11 for Windows (64 bit). I would like to share my project with my advisor. Can you please inform me about how to share NVivo project? Also, I wonder whether it would be an issue if she is using MAC instead of PC? Thanks, Fatih
  4. Hello everyone, I am a quite new NVivo 11 Pro user. I am watching tutorials to learn more about it, however, I am having a hard time to understand classification, attributes, and matrix coding in NVivo 11 for windows. I would like to use the software for my dissertation research. In my research, I am doing university mission statement analysis. Within this context, I would like to pull out data based on degree programs, degree types, and university types. For example, I would like to compare public versus private university mission statements. Likewise, I would like to pull out the dat
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