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  1. Your help is very appreciated - thank you so much! I used this method and it works. The problem is, this way it still doesn't show me some of the data I need (especially for quoting the individual post). I can only get the matrix coding query table, but not - let's say - the date of the post, other coding I did for an individual post, the author, etc... especially the dates would have been nice to show the over all action on facebook. I did it manually but it took a very long time. The same problem is with the references: If I want to see what I coded for a specific node, I only see a list
  2. Hi everyone Since it isn't possible to create diagrams out of NVivo for Mac, I was wondering, how I can export my dataset into excel. I know I have to export it into Word first, but I can't "select" and export it because the export option isn't available for the whole or selected parts of the dataset... Is there a work-around? Thanks for your help!
  3. what do you mean by "matrix table"? I am trying to export the dataset to word but I can't "select" and export it because the export option isn't available... Help please...
  4. problem solved! one of the posts was double-coded!
  5. thank you so much for your help - it works! But there is one thing I just can't figure out: in my matrix it shows 115 results for the node "yellow" (if I add the individual results for each column), if I check the node yellow it only shows me 114 references. The difference isn't huge, but it doesn't seem very trustworthy like this... Do you have an idea why this happens?
  6. thank you so much for your input. My problem now is, that I have trouble exporting the data into excell. I can only export it to Word and even then it doesn't export all the data... Can anyone tell me, what I am doing wrong?
  7. Hi everyone, It is me again:) Is there a way to create an overview of the "intensitiy" in which facebook is used? For example, I would like to show at which times (during a specific time frame) there were lots of posts, comments, likes etc. Is there a way to automatically get a diagramm like that? I know it's more quantitative and not qualitative but in my case it would help me to see patterns in communication via facebook-dataset. Thanks again! Janina
  8. Hi everyone I am using NVivo 11 for Mac. I am trying to create charts for my coded facebook-spreadsheet. For example, I would like to get a chart that shows me how many "yellow", "red", "blue" etc. coded posts out of my "green" coded posts there are. I hope you understand what I mean... Can anyone tell me, how to do that? Thanks!
  9. Hi everyone I am using NVivo for Mac 11 and I am wondering if and how I can automatically code Posts from a Facebook-Spreadsheat. For example, if I would like to code all Posts that include a certain word... Is that even possible? Thank you so much for any help.
  10. Hi everyone I am using NVivo for Mac 11 and I am trying to import Twitter-tweets for specific Hashtags and a certain time in the past (all within a year). But NCapture doesn’t seem to be able to capture anything. Unfortunately, if I do the same search without the time definition it only captures the tweets from the last few days. Is there any way around that? Or is it really not possible to go further back? Thank you so much for any help. Janina
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