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  1. Err - in other words Nvivo doesn't support a clear way to show what has been coded. That seems bizarre, since coding is the primary use of Nvivo. It means there's no easy way for a researcher to validate their own or someone else's coding. I find it difficult to understand how the product has reached its current level of acceptance with such a significant omission, but maybe there isn't the pressure to produce verifiable work that there would be for in product aimed at business users... Pity! :-( Perhaps it might be possible to create a version of the 'All nodes coding' coding strip
  2. I feel very stupid asking this question, but it's defeated my attempts to google or search for an answer... so... I've coded a long document, and I scroll back to the top. I have highlighting enabled (View - Highlight - Coding for all nodes), so I can see I've coded a particular line. I want to easily see what codes I've assigned to that line. I've tried various settings of View - Coding Stripes, but none make it easy to see what codes I've assigned. (View - Coding Stripes - All Nodes Coding is probably best, but then I have to scroll horizontally through hundreds of nodes to fi
  3. See http://www.qsrinternational.com/support/faqs/i-access-nvivo-10-project-files-over-a-network-ho
  4. Ah - found it. See http://www.qsrinternational.com/support/faqs/i-access-nvivo-10-project-files-over-a-network-ho Unfortunately that page doesn't come up when one searches for Nvivo data loss. :-( - Charles
  5. I’m very concerned about Nvivo Windows losing data. It’s happened to me several times. My project is on what appears to be a network drive (actually it isn’t: I’m using Parallels on a Mac, and yes, Nvivo works wonderfully on it), and I understand from http://forums.qsrinternational.com/index.php?showtopic=1392 that when I press Ctrl-S, NVivo saves the project file in a temporary directory, and only copies the file over on exit. But sometimes Nvivo doesn’t even appear to save the temporary file when I press Ctrl-S – the modification time on the project file in the temp directory doesn
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