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  1. Hi Rahul, Thanks for your response. I've tried the compact and repair, but unfortunately it hasn't made any difference. I've submitted the support request as suggested. Thanks. Sharon
  2. I'm using NVivo 11 Pro (version and experiencing extremely slow response (up to 5 minutes) when selecting rows or columns in the framework matrix, or selecting items for search criteria when creating search folders. The slow response occurs when the system tries to display the options available to select, for example the list of nodes. I did not have this problem using NVivo 10. I'd be very grateful for any ideas, suggestions.... Thanks Sharon
  3. Hi Tane, Thanks for the response. I would really like to see the functionality put back. The annotations are much less useful now that I can't search the notes I've made. Hope to see the functionality back soon! Rgrds, Sharon
  4. Hello, I'm a new NVivo user, and just upgraded to NVivo 11 (Pro). I'm sure I was able to do a text search on annotations (an option was given to search sources, annotations or both). This option doesn't seem to be available in NVivo 11, although the help seems to indicate it can be done. Any ideas? Thanks a lot. Sharon
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