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    researching all aspects of the contemporary student experience - including retention, progression and performance - the transition to post-compulsory education - non-traditional students - mature students - social change
  1. Merge for NV2 was purchased at teh same time as NV2 - before i joined the project - your response that these features are available in NV7 is not much comfort, each phase is defined using document sets - entering 1 interviews; entering 2 interviews; entering 3 interviews, exiting 1 interviews......, staff 1 interviews;....... for each project which is a case study - the plan was then to merge all 5 sites i am responsible for into one project - the other researchers are doing the same with each of their five projects. eventually all three merged projects would be merged to allow one super project so we are working from the micro to the macro however, it is intersting that despite your defense of NV you fail to respond to my comment about documents - NV2 rtf only no tables embedded objects etc., some inprovemtns to NV7, but even in NV8 it will still not have the versatility Atlas-ti offered years ago!
  2. ah, but the problem is, i have been working on all five projects - and have been addding new docs - so all projects are live at present and this means that i cannot do as you suggest to copy nodes ah well just another limitation of this software - to be honest, if i had been consulted i would not have went for NVivo - the limitations (only plain rtf files!!!) are too great (i am a fan of Atlas-ti) and it was already decided when i joined the research team welll it looks like back to the laborious proces of manually entering the additional nodes for the 2nd and 3rd phases of interviews for all five projects i will not be using this software again and will probably go back to Atlas-ti (it could cope with sound files, html, pictures, and video years ago)
  3. I am using Nvivo 2 I am working on a study which has 5 case studies - each case is a project and consists of 8 document sets - all document sets are the same across all 5 projects. i also am using the same node sets across the 5 projects - my query is: how can i export the complete list of nodes to other case projects? It is extremely time consuming to enter my 63 tree nodes by hand for each project. as you may imagine at some point i am going to Merge the 5 projects into a single project
  4. muir

    A wish for Word

    In aggreement with embedded objects - even a simple table in a word doc is refused and while these may have been addressed in the new version (Nvivo 7) it still makes nvivo 2 problematic in comparison with for example Atlas ti - where you can import and code almost anything
  5. muir

    A wish for Word

    I agree about the use of hyperlinks etc. it would be much more useful if you could keep the links rather than have to construct a memo and then use databites to provide links