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  1. Hello Is there a way of setting the default so that Coverage and References are suppressed when I view a node? I wanted to reduce the amount of text I was copying out for each node. I am having to click these off for each node as I enter them which is a bit of a pain. I wondered if I could just set a default somewhere so that I didnt have to keep manually turning them off. thanks for any ideas Jane
  2. PS I think the export from Node would have worked except that I dont want to view them by source ie individual interview, but by Faculty - one of my node attributes. Is there a way of setting the default for export to categorise by a node attribute? Also, on a related matter, is there a way of setting the default for View Node please? I wanted to switch off the Coverage and References info for all my views of a node thank you Jane
  3. Hi, 1. My manager wants to see the text coded at different nodes by Faculty type (one of my attribute categories) as she wants to do the text analysis herself. The framework matrices work well for nodes where not much text as coded there but fail with the larger amounts of text/references. 2. My other attempt involved running cross tab queries then clicking into each grid and copy and pasting that out to a document. I can export the query framework but it doesnt export the text 3. Is there a way of exporting the text for a cross tab query without copying and pasting from inside the grid bo
  4. Hello, I am analysing 100 interviews and have 356 nodes. I am trying to extract data for my manager who isnt using NVIVO. One way of doing this would be the framework matrices. The problem with the framework matrices is that the text is truncated in some instances. What is the criteria for truncating the text please? Also, do you have any other ideas for presenting text for analysis to my manager other than running queries and copy and pasting the text out into documents? thanks for any ideas Jane
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