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  1. Hello! I'm lost when it comes to determining how to proceed with choosing queries. I suspect I'll have to run a code query since I've coded discussion transcripts to a-priori categories (nodes). But how does the software classify into the different categories? As an example, I've created paired indicator sets of critical and uncritical categories (i.e, Importance - important points or issues; unimportant points or issues). Any help you can provide would be appreciated! Thank you!!! docleo
  2. Thank you Kath! It's mesmorizing at first to become acquainted with the various functions, but slowly learning my way around. I have imported as internals Word documents containing threaded discussions. Is there an easy way to anonymize the participant names and how do I go about accomplishing that?
  3. How do I go about creating a-priori codes to structure subsequent text searches? Thank you!
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