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  1. Yes, by subsituting one for another I meant deleting the old source PDF and replacing it with a new one with exactly the same name. From what you say, I assume the attributes of the old source will not be preserved. The only situation where you can merge attributes into an existing source array is when importing a clasification. Right?
  2. Ah, thanks, I missed that capability of matching the internal sources based on their names when importing. I will try it soon (as soon as the fall term start is done). Does this also mean that when I substitute one source PDF with another one with exactly the same name, the former attributes will be preserved?
  3. In the process above, you can select several sources as rows and several corresponding nodes as columns. A table appears with nonzero numbers at the intersections. In the detail view, when you right-click one of the values and select ‘Cell Content > Words Coded’, it appears for all rows. You can then export the node matrix query results to excel by right-clicking in its top-left cell and choosing the adequate context menu item.
  4. Hello, Newbie here, I searched the forums for answers but found nothing close... I hope my question is not outlandish or stupid. I'm working on a corpus of regulatory documents (performance contracts for government agencies) where each document (mostly PDFs) has dates, a government jurisdiction, belongs to a given agency (the cases), has been disclosed or not, etc. I imported a classification of the documents from an Excel spreadsheet, that gives me the relevant information on each contract. But the corresponding sources were already in the project, and so my new source classification point
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