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  1. Well it's an awfully late response, but I just helped a student with this same problem, and the solution was found at: https://nvivo-spain.com/ufaqs/nvivo-is-very-slow-or-crashes-when-opening-nodes/ What a strange dependency! NVivo is very slow or crashes when opening Nodes and/or shows one of the following errors: No printers are installed. The left/right margins overlap the width of the page. The RPC server is unavailable. The page height is too large. Parameter is not valid What should I do now? NVivo relies on a default printer to function c
  2. I was working with a research team yesterday who wanted to colour-code each of their nodes with a separate colour. They had 8 nodes, and of course NVivo only provides a hard-coded 7 colours. Would you consider a colour-picker option that would allow users to create as many different colours as they desire?
  3. I recommend using Snag-It's "Scrolling Window" capture to capture looooong web-pages. The output can be saved as either an image or PDF. No affiliation with Techsmith, just a happy user.
  4. Sorry for popping this into the Windows forum, but there's no "general" area... Brand new member to the forums, so I was just poking around in my profile and noticed the Contact Methods section appears to be so last decade ;-) Any chance of getting a Twitter field in there? I guess some might like a Facebook field as well... Thanks for the consideration!
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