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  1. I don't quite understand "NVivo treats coding to the video timeline and coding to the transcript as separate references." Let me see if I can explain. To me, once the transcript is imported into the video, then it is the same reference. I would expect that all the coding I did in the video initially would now appear coded, highlighted and code-striped in the video+transcript. Is that what happens, or do I have to all the initial video-only encodings over again in the video+transcript reference so I can get the video-only codes to be attached to the words at that time in the transc
  2. Hello, How do you ensure the privacy of the media and the transcriptions used in your transcription service? We need to know that no unauthorized person has access to the media/transcription. Thanks for explaining.
  3. Hello, I have the problem that I get different pieces of data for the same session at different times and I am under pressure to start coding ASAP. For example, I run a session and have the video immediately, which I'd like to start coding with a set of rough codes. Then a week later I get a transcript that I want to synch with the video and code at a much more detailed level, without losing the rough codes I have already done. Then a week later, I get a log file of what the system was doing (e.g., error messages) that I want to automatically interleave into the transcript (not edit in
  4. Does your transcription service automatically produce a transcript that can be imported and synched with a video in NVivo?
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