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  1. Hi, I am starting up a research project using NVivo (v11 for Mac) and have some doubts as to how best to set up the project structure. Has anyone had experience with project-based analysis using NVivo? What I mean is: the object of the research is a set of design projects, each with its own set of data sets (interviews, project data, drawings, documents, etc.). In design, the term "project" refers to both the finished product and the process of designing it. Since I want to do comparative analysis between design projects, they all have to be included in the same NVivo file. My question concerns the way such a file should be structured. The sample project offered did not help for that specific question and neither did the NVivo training I had at my university. Without knowing exactly what to offer as details, here are some of them: - approx. 50 design projects in total - each project has a varying number of corresponding text, interview transcripts, image and audio/video files - some of these files may mention two or more studied projects - interviews are done with people representing municipal associations or private firms who may have been involved in multiple studied projects My hesitation stems mostly from the fact that I've used NVivo in training to gather and analyse data on one subject while in this case I see that analysis has to be done for individual design projects as well as for the whole collection. Some questions I have are: - do I set up the sources folders as individual projects (P1, P2, etc.) or as types irrespective of project (interviews, images, etc.)? - if the former, do I then create subfolders for each project for specific data types? - what are case-nodes in this example: individual projects, participants and associations/firm? Any advice would be great, or any direction toward available resources concerning this type of use of the software. Thank you!
  2. Working with large pictures and visuals

    Thank you, Heather. External sources might work in some cases but not in most since we need to be able to code parts of the images. Hopefully a similar linking option like the one for audio/video might be implemented in the future for pictures. This would greatly increase the success of the software as a tool in predominantly visual fields of research. Thank you for passing the suggestion along to the relevant team.
  3. Hi, I am working on a project with a large quantity of visual material (jpeg and pdf) and I am worried about the single file size. I am working locally, not a on a network. I was hoping there would be an option to store picture sources outside the project file, like audio/video, but that does not seem to be the case. Has anyone encountered such an issue? 1) Is there a way to store visual material that is not audio/video outside the project file? 2) Can we change the file storage folder location in NVivo 11 for Mac? I am hoping NVivo can prove useful for intensive visual research in design. Thank you