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  1. Hello, I am a post-graduate researcher and NVivo has been provided to me with annual license by Loughborough University. These are the technical information: NVivo V 10.2.2 (1380) Mac OSX 10.9.5 Since I have started using NVivo 10 on my Mac I have experienced several issues that I have briefly summarised below. First NVivo fails to import audio file the most of the time showing the alert "unable to generate waveform" (I have previously posted a comment here); Once the files had been imported (I do not know exactly why) however they disappeared at the next restart [see Screen Sh
  2. Hi Andrew, thanks for your reply but I am experiencing many other issues with NVivo 10 for Mac so I think would be better to star a new thread. Hope you might help me there as well. Regards, Alessandro
  3. Hello Tane, I am experiencing the same issues with NVivo 10.2.2 for Mac. First I tried to import m4a file but NVivo fails to recognise the file extension. Then I converted the file in mp3 with iTunes but the error "Unable to generate waveform" appears. I have also converted the file with different sample rate but it does not work as well. Could you please let me know how to sort this out? Thank you in advance for your kind help. Best regards, Alessandro
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