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  1. Hi Bhupesh Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately the one new node in the imported project is NOT already in my master project and does not get imported. I am using the Import Select Content option to ask for new nodes created by a specific user (i.e. my collegue) to be imported ...and it doesn't come across. (the node she created is underneath an existing node that I created). Can you help? Regards Maggie
  2. Working as a team with a collegue in another town. Have created copy for her to work on. When trying to import the sources, nodes, and coding she has created the new node created under an existing top level node is not imported. Sources and all other coding references created by specific user under existing node structure are imported successfully. Am using Import Select content : Under select option: Select Node created by specific user but high level node is listed as not imported. How do you import new nodes structures with their coding references?
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