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  1. Hello: We would like to use the models tool with custiom groups and to change layouts of our model outside of hierarchical. We get the error that these tools are only available using 64 bit plugins, which we do not have. Please advise. Audrey
  2. Hello Mohammad: Thank you very much for your reply! Martha
  3. Hello: I am working on a research project using NVivo8 and have two questions related to running queries. (1) I ran some coding queries and empty references were repeatedly showing up. By empty references, I mean that a "Reference" was listed in the results node, but there was no text included with the reference. Has anyone run into this and/or have suggestions for how to stop this from happening? (2) I was running a compound query (text search + coding query) and specified the query to include the surrounding paragraph. However, the entire coded reference (multiple paragraphs) showed up in the results node. In another instance with the same type of query, only the specified word ("help") showed up without any text with it. Does anyone know why this is happening and/or what I should be doing to prevent this? Thanks so much, Martha