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  1. Hi Everyone, I've tried the QSR consultants page, and a few Research Consulting firms, but no one has a live person in the upstate New York or NYC area. I have coded all my data (interviews and focus groups) and assigned cases, but am having trouble in the queries. When I run a matrix coding query, I end up with more numbers in the matrix, than i have cases, and can't figure out where the duplicates are. When I check it seems that each case only has one attribute in the matrix. However, in one interview, I have more than one case (two person interviews), and some of the interviews are
  2. Dear ... I have almost finished coding my interviews, and am now working on my journals. The journals I had done in word, in table format, with a column for date, a column for observations/notes/impressions and a third column for interpretations/follow up. When I try to code different portions of one section of one column, it seems not to be allowed, as the coding stripes seem to apply to the entire section, rather than to just one portion of it. Help?
  3. Dear Pat and Alex: Great! this discussion is very helpful for me. Just another question for Alex, as to if you have focused on a particular type of festival, where are they (one country/region or many?), and a bit more about the purpose of the research, beyond 'norms and transgressions in local festivals'. I have actually been fretting myself about my coding system, and fearing that it is too descriptive, but am having trouble finding more analytic codes. However, at the same time, I am constantly writing notes to myself as I code in form of various memos(I confess, i am doing so in
  4. Thanks very much to both of you for your replies. Unfortunately, that is just what i have been doing, including with expanded tree nodes view, showing all child nodes, and the only way it comes out is - just the parent nodes - in excel. Today after fiddling with it for quite awhile, figure out that exporting works in word so i can get a a summary of the nodes with the references and sources in word, and then can cut and paste to put it in excel. I am wondering if the problem is that I am still using NVIVO 7, and perhaps this only works in NVIVO 8? I am in the middle of data analysis and
  5. Dear Alexquse: I also am interested in some debate of coding strategies and have already read Pat's chapter which i found very helpful, but also I agree with Alex (?), that they are general. It appears to me, that really the only way to really develop knowledge on how best to use the codes, is to work through an entire project. I also downloaded some examples from the research site of Pat, but frankly, these made me more confused. But in hopes to start a debate, Alex, can you explain how the list you gave is 'relational', and why you made a separate category for them? Are they all of yo
  6. Hi Everyone: I'm a relative newbie, and want to keep track of the changes in my nodes and coding. I am having trouble exporting the lists of child nodes under the parent nodes as one large list. I can either export the list of all the parent nodes, or each of the groupings of child nodes but then they are in separate documents and not listed with the parent node which are inconvenient. I've tried the help, but can't see a solution. Thanks,
  7. This sounds like a great project. Are there any shorter summaries available online as I am right in the middle of coding my data for the first time, and have Pat Brazeley's book, but could use some more practical advice and lessons learned. I presume the book is not out yet?
  8. Dear Rick: I learned to use NVIVO (7) in Cambodia through the Cambodia Development Research Institute and World Bank who did a poverty study. Let me know if you want some contacts as they may need more advice. lamcgrew@igc.org
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