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  1. Due to multiple coders on multiple computers, we have many different projects that have been started. Each project has different documents that are coded, so there is no need to "merge" 2 different versions of the same document. However, I would like to transfer all of these documents into a single project file. How do I go about doing so? Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks Pat. Unfortunately I am not doing the coding myself, it has already been completed. I have been given a list of codes with corresponding line numbers where it is to be entered in Nvivo... thus making it harder for me when I can't see the line numbers (that were present in the MS word transcript) on screen!
  3. Hi all, Our transcripts were transcribed into MS Word and were automatically given line numbers. However, when importing the file (after saving it as .rtf) into NVivo, the line numbers are gone. Is there any way to have the line numbers show up right on the NVivo document so it is easier for me to code? thanks in advance!
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