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  1. In my project it happens when I re enter a transcript/audio file after Nvivo has been re-started. If I go to the end row and add a new one, so that I can continue to transcribe from where I left off, a new time stamp is added, I press play, and it will then play for a portion of a second. I've tried changing the end time to add several minutes. However, it still only plays for a portion of a second - i.e. won't play. If I then go to the row above, left mouse click and select "play transcript media" it will play that audio. However if I fast forward any of the audio and then press play, it goes directly back to the beginning of the audio. If I've got a long section of interview this is completely impractical. How do I break it out of that cycle? The first link you provided above did allow my new row to play beyond the portion of the second. However, the inability to pause and continue playing without going back to the start of the row's time stamp is frustrating me.
  2. Hello, I'm transcribing audio files and syncing the audio to the transcript. I have no troubles keeping things synced provided I'm transcribing and staying in time with the audio. However, sometimes the syncing gets out of time (I can't work out when or why) and when I press the +, the row will be inserted above, rather than below the record I've just entered. The start time then becomes the same as the previous start time. When I then pause and play the text, it goes immediately to the start of the record and then stops. If I try and reset the start time manually, it stops immediately, so I have to put in a random end point and transcribe until the end of the record. However, each time I pause and play, it goes to the beginning of the record and I can't get it to break out of this loop. The next record then gets inserted above the one I've just entered. The synchronize button is ticked and the loop button is not ticked. Please help