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  1. Hello, I work with NVivo10 on my home Mac. However, I'd like to export my projects to my university laptop to show my PhD supervisor from time to time. However, the IT team at my university say they can only install NVivo 11 for windows on my laptop. When I try to convert my Mac project to NVivo 11 for Windows, I get a message telling me it can't convert a project from an older version. Is there any way around this? I'm waiting to hear from the contact at my university to see if I can get NVivo 11 on my Mac, then perhaps the conversion will be possible. But she's away at the moment so I'm not going to get an answer for a while. Anybody else experiencing this issue? Liz
  2. Export Source Categorisation Sheet problems

    Thanks to QSR support team. They confirm that the "jumping" is a known bug in NVivo 10 for Mac.
  3. Export Source Categorisation Sheet problems

    Thank you for your prompt reply. If I've understood you correctly, I still don't think this solves the issue. So I've clicked on an attribute column I don't want to change. I get a little arrow on the top of that column. Then I change the value of a different attribute in a different column. But then instead of staying in that place, it jumps several columns to the left and I lose my place. Iv'e submitted a support request for the other issue I'm experiencing.
  4. Hello, I'm trying to use the Explore Source Categorisation Sheet function on my Mac but run into problems every time. When I want to change an attribute in multiple sources, for example, it jumps around after each new entry. So I can't simply go down a column making a change, for example. I have to relocate the correct entry point each time. Often the filter icon at the top of columns disappears and I have to close down and reopen the project in order to get them back. Anybody else having these annoying problems? Anybody worked a way to resolve them? Many thanks