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  1. rlaster

    Coding Comparison Glitch

    Hello again, Actually that was not my question. The problem is the coding comparison query seems to have coded information that neither person actually coded. So in the query it says that one person coded the interviewers question - but actually no one has coded the question. Or at least it does not show up as coded anywhere I can find except in the coding comparison query. For example, the interviewer question does not show up as coded when I pull up the node the query said it was coded to - to try to "Uncode" it at this node. That text is NOT actually listed as coded to that node in the list of all text coded to that node. Does that make sense? This "extra" coding that exist in the comparison, but seemingly no where else, is pulling down the level of agreement numbers -I do understand why that would be - but there seems to be no way to fix it since the question text is not actually coded by any of the users. Thanks again, Becky Laster
  2. rlaster

    Coding Comparison Glitch

    Hello again, I have another questions about the teamwork application in NVivo for Mac. One team member just finished coding an interview transcript I had previously coded and I am checking the Coding Comparison Query to examine our level of agreement. It seems that often the coding comparison is including more text than is actually coded to a node for one of us or both of us. So we lack agreement because the comparison analysis says, for example, I continued to code the next interviewer question as part of a specific node. This would be a mistake on my part as one of our coding "rules" is to only code interviewee text NOT the interviewer text. So I went to remove or uncode this question from the node - thinking I had made a mistake. When I opened up the node, the question text was not in the list of segments coded to the node at all. Why is this text showing up as coded by me in the coding comparison query but not in the actual node? It is pulling down our agreement to have all this "extra" coding happening in the comparison query. I haven't even checked that much of the output for the query and this problem seems to be happening fairly regularly. Thanks, Becky Laster
  3. rlaster

    Teamwork Coding Stripes

    Thank you for replying so quickly - even though the answer is not in my favor - it is good to know that I can stop trying to figure out how to do this! Thanks for including the link. Very helpful information. Becky
  4. rlaster

    Teamwork Coding Stripes

    Hello, I've started adding a few new team members to a project and I understand the importance of logging in for each user and I have also watched the tutorials on how to do the coding comparison queries once we have all done our separate coding. But is there a way to choose to view only 1 team members coding stripes when you are in a source that you are coding? I want my team members to be able to see their stripes while they are coding, but not necessarily be distracted by mine or other team members. I did not create different copies of the project for each user so we are all working on the same file at different times at the same computer. Thanks, Becky Laster