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  1. Hi Bhupesh, I eventually came to realize that this function/process already existed. best, BMY
  2. Hi Di Feng, Thanks for the suggestion. Could you please elaborate on what you mean by 'survey folder'? The four classification sheets are already in NVvio, how do you suggest I place them into a 'survey folder'? thanks, BMY
  3. I am working with four classification sheets in NVivo. Each classification sheet pertains to a different category of participants, e.g., Key Informants, Interviewees etc. In hindsight, I do not think this was the best way to group participants into cases and classifications. For example, I am trying to get a sense of the demographic spread of ALL respondents, but because I have participants grouped into the four classification sheets, I am not able to get a complete picture when charting cases by attribute values. I am able only to chart attribute values for cases within a single classification sheet and not across multiple classification sheets. I would like to avoid reassigning cases to a new classification and reclassifying the attribute values for each item. Thus, I would like to know the least labour intensive way to merge the four classification sheets? If there is no efficient workaround, are there ways to use other tools in NVivo (e.g., search folders or sets) to ascertain the demographic spread of ALL respondents and produce visualizations by using my current structure? Thanks so much for your help!
  4. I have NVivo 11.4.0 installed on my Macbook Air and I am having trouble with cases and classifications. Every step has been followed to a. create cases, b. create a case classification, c. set attribute values, and d. assign cases to the classification created. Upon following this process, I am not able to see the cases (that represent interview respondents) in the case classification sheet. I am only able to see the attributes I created. Any thoughts as to what the problem could be?
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