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  1. I'm trying to import a classification sheet with 8849 lines )respondents) and 9 columns (atributes). The first try was unsuccesful cause Nvivo was hanging during importation. After several tries, I sliced the classification sheet into 400 lines' pieces. The importation was working fine until I discovered that after the second file being imported all the atributes were not fulfilled. Whjat else can I do? Ernani
  2. Well Cynthia, Aparently, this exploration makes sense, although I tried to do that with the interviews of the sample Environmental Change Down East. I noticed a difference between the diagrams, but, sincerely, I looked at intervies and was not able to understand why the clusters were so discrepant. Perhaps is you demonstrate this possibility and how you create the interpretation, I could understand better. I thought about creating a cluster analysis about the survey respondents (Nodes folder, Places and People subfolder; subnodes of Survey Respondents node). I choose th esimilarity by atribut
  3. As a Trainer, I feel difficult to demonstrate a practical example of cluster analysis. Could you form support create some example of using and reading the output of a cluster analysis. The creation process is quite simple but the interpretation fo results is not that easy. If you do so, make it for the three different kinds of criteria (words similarity, coding similarity and attribute values similarity). Regards, Ernani
  4. HI Mark, Well, My version is the last one so this is not the problem's cause. I already used the copy and paste into new internal documents but, when I do that, all the lines fo the text receive a paragraph mark breaking the text. I also enter in the sugested links but didn't see any direction. Tks anyway, Ernani
  5. HI, I observed that when I import PDF documents, mainly cientific articles used on literature review, written in portuguese, all the latin characters non existant in english language they are not imported correctly. What can I do to fix that? I configured my Nvivo to English language at the interfaze and portuguese as search index language. Tks.
  6. HI, You sure can. There are some papers where you can find related experiences about doing literature review using Nvivo. Ty to search literature review nvivo at google and you will see it. Regards, Ernani
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