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  1. Help Regarding Visualizations

    Hello everybody, I am new in using NVivo 11, and I have not undertaken any training in its usage. I will try to be as detailed as possible in order to assist you in answering my question. My project deals with the discourse of parties of the Far- Right within the parliament. I aim to analyze the themes that can be found within it and the number of references within it regarding topics such as Anti European Sentiments, Attacking or Blaming the IMF, Mentioning the Failing Performance of a State Institution, etc. The picture from the nodes that I have attached belong to the analysis of the discourse of Golden Dawn, a Far Right party from Greece. My goal was to break down and analyze their disource thematically, and each node contains the number of references that they have made regarding each topic. I was wondering how I can visualize these nodes in the form of a bar graph or make a comparison between the different years. To be more specific I created a case for each year and then I coded their discourse in the nodes that I had created. I have a sum of the total references regarding each topic for every year and I was wondering how I it would be possible to visualize it further instead of simply presenting a list with the number of references and nodes. I would like to apologize for asking this question but I have not received any training regarding the usage of NVivo as I mentioned. I thank you in advance for your time and assistance. Kind regards, Miltiadis.