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  1. I am planning a content analysis using NVivo - I have observations in 2 separate excel spreadsheets with unique identifiers [one unique identifier per participant ie the same identifier in each dataset] but the data in one excel spreadsheet has full question answers for most but not all participants, and the second excel spreadsheet has precoded results on half of the answered questions. I have done most of my work on the second dataset as I did not realise it had been precoded until I got to that section of the data and found out it has real issues in the coding having been done by someone assigning numbers to each different answer instead of themes, so I am left with a list of >100 numbers in those data variables instead of the text answers. I need to redo all their coding in NVivo from the raw data in the first spreadsheet, but cannot see how to merge the uncoded responses into the second dataset - in both datasets the question names are identical, the unique identifiers are identical but the first dataset is not 100% the same (eg 2 questions missing or 6 participants missing for a site) so I get discrepancies when trying to merge the datasets in excel prior to importing into NVivo. Is anybody more familiar with NVivo and can give me a pointer how to solve this problem?
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