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  1. Hi There, I love the way that I can export my code list, and the list hierarchies are maintained in excel. I would like to do this but FILTERED for a specific attribute. Another option would be to create a report or an extract that summarizes the coding references across the codebook for a specific attribute value . It would look something like this, ideally in an excel output: Attribute Value A (Community 1) Code 1 - total references Code 1.1 - count of references Code 1.2 - count of references Code 1.3 - count of references Code 2 - total references Code 2.1 - count of references ...And so on. I have a large code book and I need the hierarchies, otherwise they all just smush together in the queries that I've run. Many thanks
  2. I'm having quite a time trying to generate useful extracts and reports Here's what I'm trying to do 1) export all the data under one node into excel WITHOUT repeated data. I keep getting repeated content because the extract contains each reference number (one paragraph has multiple reference numbers because there are more than one codes). The purpose of this extract is to enable me to number all the coded material to create a random sample for checking. This is a massive database, so if anyone has techniques for choosing a random sample please let me know. The data are ethnographic fieldnotes so I need to sample by coded content, and not by source. 2) Create a report that contains a list of the nodes used for each bit of coded material (from above). Using this thread https://forums.nvivobyqsr.com/topic/6220-exporting-source-to-excel-with-all-nodes/ I worked out how to create a report that shows me all the nodes in the entire database for a piece of content. But this is too much information, I want to restrict output to a list of about 10 specified codes. Thanks so much!
  3. This seems to be a simple query that I've spent days trying to figure out. I am working with a team of 5 users. We are each responsible for coding some portion of the >100 sources in the project. To manage this, we have split up the coding so each source is assigned to at least 2 coders. We are also using autocoding which is further complicating the problem. I need a table or report that enables me to list all of the sources, and then review which have been manually coded by which user and for non-autocoded nodes. Basically, I need to ensure that no sources have been skipped. I know I can apply coding stripes for users, and look at the references/sources on the list view - but this is way too time consuming and doesn't give me the breakdown by user that I need. The coding comparison is way to detailed and doesn't suit my purposes. I've tried using both extracts and queries. At the minimum, I just need to know: 1) how many and which users have coded in each source (I've figured this one out via an extract) 2) how much of the source each person has coded - at this point, I'd be happy with any indication: number of references coded by user, percent of source coded by user (coverage?), etc Because we have such a large project, the ideal would be that I could use a filter to specify for the output 1) specific folders of sources and 2) specific folders of nodes. The purpose of this would be to look at the manual coding and exclude the nodes that were populated by autocoding. This seems so simple, so why am I flummoxed!