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  1. I wish to (1) run a text search query that looks for male/female pronouns by sentence and then (2) compare word frequencies in sentences with male pronouns only and female pronouns only -- in other words, I want to see the types of words (e.g., "cook" "sports") that tend to co-occur in gendered sentences.

    Problem: The text search query tool does not seem to look for pronouns.  When I type any pronoun (e.g., "she") into the text search box, I get no results. I can search for gendered nouns (e.g., "woman" "man") just fine, but I get no return for pronouns even though the transcripts contain pronouns.

    Version: I've tried using NVivo 11 and 12 for Windows -- both seem to have this shortcoming. Is this the case or am I doing something wrong?


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