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  1. One of my coders is using Nvivo 12 and another is using Nvivo 13 for the same project (created in Nvivo 12, converted into Nvivo 13). However, when I merge the two projects, which have exactly the same corpus and nodes, all nodes get duplicated. What should I do? Thanks! Federico
  2. Thank you, Bhupesh. The problem is that, apart from coding comparison query, I need to quantify the occurrences of each phenomenon. In my example (both assistants coded "I find it difficult to write about what I feel" as "STUDENT'S DIFFICULTIES"), the result is 2 references, but it actually is only one occurrence. This happens even when assistants code the exact same fragment. So I'd like to know if there is a way NVivo can see that in cases like this there is only 1 reference, not 2, even if two different analysts coded the same thing. Many thanks, Federico
  3. Two analysts coded the same text separately to be able to calculate inter-rater reliability. However, when I merged their two projects, the resulting number of references duplicated, as each of them coded the same piece of text in a similar way. For example, they both coded "I find it difficult to write about what I feel" as "STUDENT'S DIFFICULTIES". The problem is that NVivo says there are TWO references there, but the truth is there is only one. How can I merge duplicated references to get a more reliable quantification? Many thanks for your help Federico Universidad de
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