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  1. Thanks for letting me know -- do you know if this feature is available on the Windows 11 version of NVIVO?
  2. Hello, I have a dataset with 84 video sources, each representing a different study participant. I've coded these with two different 'categories' of nodes... 1) Section nodes (e.g. Section 1, section 2, etc) where the timeline is highlighted to divide the video into relevant parts; and 2) Event type nodes (e.g. increase temperature, decrease temperature, etc) to describe what the participant is doing at the time... event nodes occur throughout the video in all section. Currently, I am able to run a node matrix query with all 84 sources in the rows and my Event nodes in columns to summarize how many references to each node each participant has. What I'd like to do now is extract the data by the separate sections... i.e. in Section 1, how many times did each participant perform each event. Then the same for Section 2, and so on. Is it possible to filter the node matrix output by the occurrence of another node? Thanks for any help!