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  1. Thanks, yes, a large text corpus, so a manual procedure of replacing the question marker is not a viable option, I'm afraid. But thanks anyway.
  2. hello, I'm working with a large corpus of transcribed material and need to search for all instances where there is a question (where the transcriber has ended a sentence with a question mark). Ideally, I would have all sentences that end with a quesiton mark found in a search and coded. As you know, you can't simply do a text query for a question mark, as this is used as a search operator. But are there ways to circumvent this? Thanks
  3. Thanks, I will try this (in a few weeks, as the IT department is on holiday until August). ao
  4. Hi, I'm hoping a knowledgable person can shed some light on this. My research team has installed Nvivo server via our university's IT-department, but when trying to save a project to the server Nvivo freezes. I've tested this across all project members' PCs, both on cabled networks and wifi, using Nvivo 11 pro, so the problem is apparently not exclusive to my PC. I'm able to store the project file locally, but Nvivo freezes when I choose to save to server. Also, Nvivo does not see the server when I'm using Nvivo off-campus, from home. Don't know if this is related to the problem
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