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  1. And it occurred to me that the report might work if I turned off aggregation at the parent. But it didn't; it had the effect of there being 'nothing to report' ... Greg
  2. Thank you, your response is useful. However, I used the predefined ‘Coding Summary By Node’ report and filtered the report to only return one node but the references were not grouped by child node This is a bit annoying since a report such as the one I would like to produce is ideal for the purpose of identifying references that should be re-coded against a different child. Or am I still not understanding something? Regards ... Greg
  3. This does not appear to be possible. I am using Nvivo 11 Pro for Windows. Can you confirm or otherwise show me how, TIA ... Greg
  4. Thank you Sameer, that is very helpful. Is it possible to create a link from inside a Microsoft Word document to a node reference inside NVivo? Memo doesn't seem to have sufficient word processing capability to be used for writing a report .... TIA ... Greg
  5. Having written an outline, I am starting to write-up the analysis. In the process, I would like to set links to references in nodes or the source; similarly to the way in which bibliographic references are cited. What is the best way to do this please? I understand memos can be linked to a specific node, and memos can be linked to an external reference, but can different textual components of a memo link to different references inside Nvivo? What I am trying to do seems common sense, but how do I use Nvivo to do it please? TIA .... Greg