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  1. Hi, I'm wondering if there is a way to isolate the coding in the filtered rows in an excel spreadsheet? I need to only look at the coding in a portion of a fully coded excel spreadsheet so want to see 1/3 of the rows, with 1/3 of the coding so I can analysis as per a time period. Is there any way of doing this? Or is the only way to copy to file, and then uncode each of the rows I don't want to see? Thank you. Becky
  2. Thanks Heather. Can I do this while retaining the coding just for the rows I have filtered too though? So I have 500 rows with 3000 coding references. Can I somehow look at just 200 and see the accompanying 1000 coding references? Thanks. Becky
  3. I have imported an excel spreadsheet into NVivo as a source document. I have coded to this document, but now I want to look at just a portion of it. Is it possible to delete or hide some of the rows, while retaining the coding in the other rows? Or, is it possible to export it as an excel spreadsheet with the coding in, and then I could change in excel and upload as a new project? Thank you!