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  1. In my node list view, the number of sources coded and number of coding references are both 1 for each of the 100 nodes. Each of the 100 nodes were only coded once e.g. while going through the 10 pdfs, I only coded the first occurrence of "client" and did not code any other "client" words which were encountered. It seems that NVivo does not include these duplicate words which have not been coded and they do not appear in the number of coding references column. Is there a way to include them?
  2. Hello. I have imported 10 pdfs as my source data (internal source) and have gone through each pdf and coded various terms at a node (I have 100 nodes). Is it possible to find out how many times each of the 100 nodes appear across all pdfs? I am looking for something similar to below: Code No. of times code appears across all source pdfs -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. user interface 21 2. technical 17 (codes 3 to 99 excluded to be concise) 100. client 9 I have tried running a Coding Query across all source data and included all codes but it does not give the desired output as above. I have also checked Word Frequency but it does not give you an option to specify the codes to search for across all source data. Is it possible to get the number of times each code appears across all source data?