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  1. Three dimension (variables) Matrix Query

    Solved it!!!! I will write back soon with the answer Thanks a lot!!!
  2. Three dimension (variables) Matrix Query

    Hello Bhupesh Thanks in advance for your guidance and support. No success. I have not been able to sort that out. Is it possible to share a file with you for you to check it out? I think it is easier like that, as it might take a lot of chats to explain in detail what is my problem. Kind regards Juan
  3. Hello I am working with newspaper data and making a content analysis (With NvivoPro 11). I have information for 12 years of data (2002-2014), and I have already classified my data in 28 categories. In the content analysis, I generated a node for secondary education and another one for university (I did this during the content analysis because I did not know these attributes in advance). I want to run a Matrix Query to see the distribution of news by year and by category, but only for secondary education. It is to say; I want to see, for each year, the categories that I found for only one type of education (secondary). Can you please guide me with this procedure? I have not found how to make a Matrix Query using three (not only two) variables at a time: year, category and type of education (secondary). Kind regards Juan D Parra