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  1. Export codes per paragraph

    Hi Sameer, thanks for the reply. The way you describe is exactly the way that I am doing it right now. I am coding each paragraph as a case, use the nodes as codes and run a matrix query afterwards. It is unfortunate and a lot of work but at least it can be done. It would be great if the automatic coding feature could be available for Mac though. Best Alex
  2. Export codes per paragraph

    Hi everyone, I have a very specific analysis question to which I was not able to find an answer yet so I hope that you will be able to help me out here. I have conducted 11 interviews in total (lasting between 40 and 60 minutes) which I transcribed into text and entered into NVivo as internal sources with one interview being one source. Me and a colleague are currently in the process of coding these interviews using a coding scheme that consists of 9 codes (nodes) with 3 to 8 sub-codes. Everything seemed to be working great so far (the coding itself as well as testing for inter-coder reliability) until we tried to run some initial queries which do not seem to be able to do what I would like to do. In particular I am trying to achieve the following: I want to know which codes occurred together in each paragraph of the interviews. It would thus be great if it would be possible to create e.g. an Excel export where each paragraph of each interview represents a line and each code (node) represents a column with the respective fields containing a 1 if the code appeared in that paragraph and a 0 if it didnt. The result should at best look something like this: I managed to create a result like this but only for each interview as a whole using Matrix queries. I also managed to pull together each paragraph that contains say Code1a and Code1b but that would require a lot of work afterwards to arrive at the previously shown matrix because I would have to find those paragraphs by hand. Also since our coding scheme is quite large it would not really be feasible to try any possible combination. I also thought about using the coding stripes and doing the transition manually but I would rather try to find an automated solution instead. I hope it became clear what I am trying to achieve and I hope that you can help me there. Thank you very much in advance Alex