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  1. I have NVivo Release 1.2 and I'd like to open a project that is saved in NVivo 11. When I click on "file"-->"open project" I get nothing. No list of saved projects. Has anyone had this experience? What am I missing?
  2. I made a mistake and forgot to deactivate my older version of Nvivo before I installed the new one. Should I uninstall and start over? If I do this, will I use my saved projects?
  3. Thank you for your reply. I understand that the current situation has made things more difficult.
  4. Is anybody getting responses from QSR? Are they in trouble? I have sent a couple of emails to customer service and have waited patiently for a reply. Crickets. Are they going out of business?
  5. Hi All -- Did I miss something? I don't have the NCapture extension and I can't find it at the Chrome web store. When I search for information on the corporate page, the link to the extension yields the message 'page not found."
  6. In our project we uploaded transcripts with both interviewer questions and interviewee responses. How can we run a word frequency analysis that excludes the interviewer's questions? In other words, our transcripts were Word docs in which we created headings, so we had one heading for the interviewer and other headings for the interview subject(s). We imported these transcripts into "internals," thinking we could auto code and identify text to exclude. But we now understand that auto coding is not a function of the Mac version of NVivo. Is there any other way for a Mac user to create accurate word clouds or word frequencies that will exclude the interviewer text?
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