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  1. Hi all! I'm new here and quite new to Nvivo as well. Over the past couple of week I have been working at coding interviews according to a well established coding tree. I now need to create framework matrices with interviews in the rows and themes and sub-theme as columns. In order to do I need to create case nodes for each of the interview. However, when I do there is no trace of the coding I have done on the interviews. In the case nodes the appeared to have only one code and one reference. The procedure I used to create case nodes for each interview was: -when in 'source' - 'internals' -selected the relevant documents- right click on the mouse -'create as' -'create as casee' Does anyone know what I could possibly do wrong and how I can fix the issue? How can I produce the matrices without coding everything from the start? Many thanks for any advice you may provide