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  1. Counting prompts

    Hi, I have just completed the introduction course and am still working out how NVivo works. Some of the coding happens by dragging the words or phrases into a node. My understanding is, that NVivo counts the amounts of words/phrases under a specific node. What if I don't want to code this way but simply want to count the amount of prompt. For example if I have 10 questions in an interview, I want to count the amount of questions that had prompts in them, out of 10.Can I do that without dragging the prompted responses into a node? This way, later I can see that John, for example, had 3 out of 10 questions prompted and Jennie 9 our of 10. I would also like to be able to calculate percentage of prompted answers, calculated as 100 times the number of responses which included a negative attribution only after participant was prompted divided by the total number of prompted items. So for example, if a participant was prompted on 5 items and made a negative attribution on 4 of those items, their sensitivity prompts would be 4/5x100 = 80% . Is this possible to compute in Nvivo? Finally, if a node has 10 child nodes, each counting prompts in specific questions, how can I count total prompts across all questions in the parent node, gathering this info from all its child nodes? Thank you. Poli