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  1. Grouping attribute values

    I did not re import the spreadsheet, I selected "classify cases from dataset" and using the group function created the new attribute. I would think NVivo should recognize that the new attribute applies to the cases I already have, since I have not changed the spreadsheet. In step 2 of the classify cases from dataset wizard, I have been asking it to classify an existing folder, and selecting "cases", which does not work. I just tried creating new cases under a new folder, which had the same issue, where the cases in the new folder had the new attribute, but no other values, while my original cases retained their original values, but did not have the new attribute.
  2. I am working in Nvivo 11 Pro. I am trying to recode an attribute value, test scores, into ranges of ten. My project contains interviews and a survey of demographics and test scores. I have coded each interview to one case, and the cases also have all of their demographic data and test scores from the survey data. The problem is when I tried to group the test scores into ranges and create a new attribute. NVivo keeps creating copies of all the cases (i.e. Smith (2)). The copy of each case has the attribute with the test score recoded into a range, but all the other attribute values are listed as unassigned. The original cases have all the attribute values that came in with the survey data, but the new recoded test score attribute is listed as unassigned. I can go into the case properties and select the value from the drop down menu, but I don't want to do this for each individual case. How do I get NVivo to recode the test scores assign these values to the cases I already have, instead of copying them all?