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  1. Cases not displaying

    Any QSR employees out there?
  2. Cases not displaying

    Hi, A bit of background and then my question. I have set up my research in the following way: - I created 35 sources. - I created 35 case nodes from those sources. - I created a classification called "church" with about a dozen attributes and classified each of the case nodes as "church." - When I choose "get info" for the individual case nodes, I can see that they are all classified as "church," and have attributes associated with them. When I go to case classifications and double click on "church," it only pulls up four results. But if I control-click on the same classification and choose export, then I get results from all of my cases. Am I missing something? Why is it not displaying all of the cases? Is this a database error? Is there a way to fix it? Here is a screen shot. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7mc4av3tbk3oumh/Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 5.05.17 AM.png?dl=0