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  1. Thanks for your reply. To clarify, we were not doing simultaneous coding, it was sequential. What we had tried was to initially save the file to Teams cloud location and then downloaded to work on it, and re-saved with the edits. I also saved an archived copy of the edited file back to a secure non-cloud server location. This all seemed to work at first. However when a co-worker then downloaded the edited file from the cloud location, the edits (additional coding) was gone. I then went in to the server archive file the next day (which the co-worker hadn't accessed) but the new coding was gone there as well.
  2. Covid19 requiring remote work. Copied database into MS Teams so that multiple users could access/edit file. Initially seemed to work OK, but since discovered edited versions all reverted to original copied file. This did NOT happen initially. Tried to restore earlier version in Sharepoint but additional coding still missing. Had archived copy of edited version into a protected server directory (which is not directly accessible to NVivo during remote connection) but when copied this file into Teams for remote work it also has reverted to pre-edited version. Stymied how to secure additional work.
  3. Working with a file that consists of 3 merged datasets - mine (which serves as the master) and two other people who are using other individual licenses to code copies of the master. When merging copies we have been merging only for the specific sources the two other staff have coded, and I have not been coding those sources. When I run a coding query to look for only coding by either of the other two coders (and not me) for specific nodes, the query gives me ALL coding references for the requested node(s), including ones I only coded, not just the ones coded only by others. Wondering if something in the merge operation prevents the coding query from giving me only the requested coding references?
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