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  1. Thanks Heather for your quick reply (it worked). In NVivo10, the cells in a framework matrix remain initially empty. I'm aware that it is possible to auto populate the matrix in Nvivo11, is that also possible to do that in NVivo10? Or do I need to populate the cells by copy-pasting content? Thanks for your help, Inga
  2. I am trying to create a framework matrix with a completely coded interview data set (97 respondents, one interview per person). I created four nodes (with a number of child nodes each) and coded each interview. I realize that for creating a framework matrix, every respondent needs to be turned into a case node. Is that something that I can still do at this point (coding completed) or would I have needed to do this before starting the coding process? My attempts of turning respondents into case nodes so far have failed (they appear just as another parent node in my list of nodes). Thanks a lot, Inga