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  1. Hej, that way does work, no errors. What I would like to code however is for instance case 1, Harvard University, to case 2, USA. So that if I would open case 2, I would see all universities that I find the US. I do want to keep them on the same level though. Best, SCW
  2. Hej, In terms of setting up my project, I would like to find the best approach. I want to basically establish an actor-place network - who has been where, when and why and what have they generally said. Thus far, I have created a few cases based on persons, now I wanted to created new cases based on organizations, like Harvard University, but I seem to unable to link them, i.e. code one to the other? Do I have to code places as regular nodes?? Best, SCW
  3. Hi, I am new to NVIVO, so please bear with me if I have overseen something. I have the following problem: 10 emails imported from outlook through drag-and-drog, but as many people send answers from different accounts, I would need to merge two email adresses as they are currently treated as two seperate people. How do I do that? Thanks. SCW
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